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Money and Shoes for western Europe Backpacking
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We are going for a month to western Europe, as follows: from Salt Lake City to London however our time in London is going to be almost free we will be staying with close family. We are budgeting about $3700 for everything. (per person-there are just two of us) these are our cities: London, Paris, Berlin, Munich, Venice, Rome, Marseilles, Barcelona, Madrid, London
We will be backpacking and staying in hostels. The trip is to see Europe-not party or hook up. Aka museums and local culture…no clubs and such.
1) is 70 USD a day very realistic (that is after train travel costs) We will be eating very light (both veg)?
2) Will teva hiking sandals be a good shoe…We wear sandals all the time now…will this be ok Backpacking? (sorry I know ppl are gonna be pissed I asked this again!)
3) I just wonder what ppl think…tevas or Chaco’s…or Salomon’s?

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I think 75-80 USD a day is more reasonable and gives you a bit of padding if you are eating and staying cheap.

In July and August, most places will be warm enough for sandals but I would bring closed shoes and socks too. Just some basic sneakers like you would wear at home (not big clunky white ones though!) that are comfy but closed toe. It rained the entire time I was in Amsterdam (3 days in July) and was around 65F the whole time because of the rain, and I would’ve been completely miserable in sandals. However, in Paris, it was sunny and in the 70’s F almost every day so sandals were usually fine.

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I am leaving from busan, SK with $1000 for 13 days
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I always like to have two pairs of shoes no matter what time of year I am traveling, but that’s just me. I love sandals but agree that closed toe shoes might work out better in the long run. I like Tevas and Keens.

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Shoes hands down, no point in taking sandals and shoes, it’s just extra weight.