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The moonwater critical artisanal balde and soul shield

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: New York, NY, United States
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I would personally go with the misty one upgrading it with the moonwater critical artisanal soul shield (Green, crafted), that way you would have around 40k hp and 40% crit, if you combine that soul shield with good accesories you would have the best of both Cheap BNS Gold, thats the best configuration i can think of, in my humble opinión of course.

Dokumo and other soul shields give you better crit, but your hp is too low, again imo.

Oh one more thing, is not cheap, because you have to buy all 8 pieces of the artisanal soul shield, unseal them and then upgrade (evolve) your base misty soul shield with the aforementioned.

So either you can have (like another poster said) 22k hp with 49% crit or 40k hp with 40% crit and better defense, the choice is yours. One choice is more expensive than the other, take that into consideration.(to be more precise, each piece costs around 50 silver, each unsealing talismán 10 silver, every time you evolve one piece 7 silver, so at the end you would have spent around 5 BNS Gold and the time needed to get your misty soul shield), again the choice is yours.

There is a final option but that would be too expensive, to do the same, but this time with (blue) moonwater critical soul shields, nothing would beat that, at least now.

I can tell you because i already tried all these options, except the last one (very expensive) lol. i even upgraded the misty soul shield with the dokumo one, and using the crafted one gives you more crit. I hope this can help you.

Misty Woods soul shield is good as it provides a lot of defensive stats, a ton of health, and some good crit on the 2 piece. I personally go for a higher crit build, which I get from a mix of Dokumo & Forgotten Brightstone. On the beta, I have 51.55% crit and 21.9k hp (enough to survive 1 roar with 400 hp left from Blackwyrm). If I had absolutely perfect crit stats on my bopae set I could have around 52 – 52.5% crit I believe. If I had the Blackwyrm Claw (the best ring in the game for CBT), I would probably have around 55% crit rate. That ring is OP.

Hi, about the max crit rate, I wonder how you reach 51.55% by now. I have 2512 crit rate which is given by maximum set mix of Dokumo/Forgotten brightstone/ moonwater arena.

These only give me 49.93% cirt. How do you get the free BNS Power leveling? (except the ring from Blackwyrm) I also trying to get the most dps, pls let me know.