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Most annoying BnS dungeon is Nightmare

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Bar, Montenegro
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Even when we go with Tanks they always die on the main boss….can’t protect them as I have to save the flower….and I have always to stay in the damn scorpion bitch range.Now the mechanic of this one I have no clue – it sound so randomly.Sometimes she does 2 spinning aoes and sometimes she doesn’t do a single one.Can’t get the mechanic of these BNS Gold.Tricky part is 1 of the 6 aoes she does in the middle has to be iframed….and often then not people fail on that.

My rant topic was created because even now with all this ez dungeons is so annoying to pull everything,and later on when we get the real content…meh.

And playing class that can’t protect the group? The nightmare…I hate the idea to leave people on ther fate…it just sound wrong or I’m playing FM from too long,I don’t know I just can’t.

For example on Yeti4 when our BM tank(good tank) DC I was the next in line to aggro the boss and I haven’t got any issue to tank/dps/protect/cc. Boss can’t even hit me because he is kinda slow imo. His aoe isn’t big and most of the time I just walk into him so he won’t even hit me at R4PG BNS Gold Store. I hardly Use iframes or take distance when i aggro also to make sure other melee’s can keep hitting while I dps/tank. As for protecting.. never really failed the timing, but even when I do the rest should response. (most of the time they do.

If I had to do all that on cross, I would still say it’s not hard, but more like annoying to be the one to constantly looking after the rest because they don’t really give a shit about playing properly.

Ah nightmare is easy. when we have double WL running SB+TD we can pretty much nuke the boss down before she uses nightmare wave. If we do Scorpions, me, the BM and KFM alone get the boss to 50% HP in the first SB burst. Then I gather scorpions. Boss goes Nightmare Wave, and I simply killed all 4 Scorpions for the buff for the first 3 hits. the rest we iframe really easily. It’s a piece of cake.

If you have a static, you gotta start trusting them to actually do the content without relying on defensive ALL the time. Sometimes, it will be good and mandatory. But not on everything. Like personally to Buy Blade And Soul Gold, I like iframing things as my Warlock, because it resets the CD of one of my main damage dealers. So I use it proactively.