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2 replies
Munich to Frankfurt by car
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hey guys im playing to go from munich to frankfurt by car ,it will be 1 day
i wanted to know if there are cool plances on the way that i should visit?

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The most obvious would be to take the winding Romantic Road from Munich to Frankfurt (beautiful bavarian countryside, mountains, etc.), maybe stop at a beer or wine garden for lunch, make a stopover in the medieval town of Rothenburg and then continue to Frankfurt


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Yep, I concur. It’s actually one of the few instances where I would recommend AGAINST public transportation in Germany. There really is no reliable and worthwhile bus or train that follows the route, so it’s kind of better to just have your own (rental) car, and stop at whatever little town strikes your fancy.

Also, another thing worth mentioning: while the Romantische Straße is without a doubt the most famous of these “traditional trails” through the country, there are tons of other ones that are great and might actually help you avoid tourist crowds (though if you can’t speak German at all, it might present a few intermittent problems). For just one example, the “German Fairytale Road” (Deutsche Märchenstraße”) is kinda cool, and might be an idea if you have time after driving from Munich to Frankfurt, as it starts at Hanau (near Fkft) and goes up to Bremen. Basically each stop is a site having to do with a famous fairytale, like the Pied Piper (Hameln), Snow White (around Laterbach, where they still make those little garden gnomes in huge quantity), Kassel (home of the Brothers Grimm museum), and so on. Take a gander at this website, with some pictures too. http://www.bayswater…

Really, there seems to be a “trail” of sorts for almost any interest in Germany, you just have to know where to look!

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