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Munich to Interlaken
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Anyone have any recommendations for the trip by rail from Munich to Interlaken. After researching on, looks like there’s minimum 2 transfers, and its about 7 hours.

Any recommendations for spending a day in between? Stopping somewhere? Seeing something? Alternative routes? This is one of the last things we have to clear up before leaving in June.

Travel dates from Amsterdam-Munich will be 21-Jun by night train (preferably).
Travel dates from Munich-Interlaken will be 25-Jun by train. Haven’t booked hostel in Interlaken yet so we have leeway if there’s something we can do to buffer our time in between.

Unless, of course, best route is just to tough it out Wink.


I am leaving from AUS with $4000 for 34 days
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Yep, That is your only option. I usually take the earliest train out of Munich and go to Zurich. Switch trains and go to Lucerne (50mins.) Stop in Lucerne and drop bags off at baggage hold located downstairs for a few dollars, don’t lose receipt. There is great food and a market as well as many shops under the station. NOTE: Be sure to use the toilette on the train from Zurich to Lucerne. It will cost you almost $2.00 to take a pee or a dump in the McClean Toilets down in the station. If you have to go bad, Go out station turn left and there is the almighty clean toilets at McDonalds. Than walk straight out the train station and across the street and across the bridge and walk over and view the Dying Lion Monument. On the way back, I walk up to the old rampart walls and climb the stairs in the tower for a nice view. Walk along the wall to the end. Walk down the hill to the river and turn left and walk back into Old town and check out the shops and food. Walk across the old wooden bridge and take pictures. Walk back to station and catch train on track 12 to Interlaken (2 hours). One of the best train rides in Europe. Sit on the right side facing forward for amazing views. I usually stand in the luggage trolley (usually empty) and just stand at the open window and enjoy the views. This way, other train passengers don’t complain of the wind on their faces while I soak up the view. If you hang out the window on a curve, you can get your friend in the picture a few windows back with the train curving behind him. BE WARNED, there are a few tunnels and rock walls near the top that will take your head off. Not a great view for your friend to watch. Look at the brooms on two tunnels that brush you back into the train and save your life. When the train hits the top of the grade, switch over to the left side facing forward. You can see the rock walls hanging over the train and two hidden waterfalls in the canyons further down the grade. You will end at Interlaken Ost (East station) and Balmers and Funny Farm is only 15 minute walk on level ground. Read up on other posts and I have written if you love the mountains, check out the weather forecast for Interlaken and you might shorten your stay in Munich to get sunny days and go paragliding or canyoning. Go up to Gimmelwald and Murren for a day trip (discount for rail pass holders) or stay overnight at the Mountain Hostel. Print maps out off the web site to find your way in Lucerne and Interlaken. Have a blast! You won’t want to leave!