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Munich the Magnificent

Travelogue Entry
City: Munich, Germany
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We arrived in Munich and fell in love instantly. With all of the places I´ve made my way to in my ten plus years of traveling to Europe, I am ashamed to admit that Munich had somehow always eluded me. At least until now. The people are friendly, the food is hearty, and the beer is, well, the best in the world. Instead of going through a step by step replay of my days in Munich, I will point out a few of the highlights to inspire you to get your ass over here and write your own story.

The People:

The people in Munich (and Germany in general) are unpretentious, smart, funny, and very open. I have had more worthwhile conversations with local Germans than almost anyone else on this trip.

The Beer:

According to everyone we met, Augustiner is one of the best beers in the world. While there are a handful of breweries in Munich, and they’re all damn good, Augustiner is king. And the thing is, the standard Augustiner brew is just a really good beer: No hooks, special flavor additives, or anything like that — it just tastes clean, crisp, and simple.

The Places:

Englischer Garten. Rent a bike and ride through the lakes, gardens and woods. Jump in the creek for a swim with the locals, have a beer at the huge beer gardens, and walk past all of the nude Munchens basking in the sun, sprawled on the great lawn. The best part about the Garten is that it is a peoples´ park — unlike parks in Paris and other snooty cities, there is a real lack of rules and a sense of freedom. So, go ahead, walk on the grass, swim in the river, drink on a bench, and get naked because no one will stop you or look at you like you´re a crazy person.

Marienplatz is the central square dominated by the stunning neo-gothic townhall (Neues Rathaus) crowned by the huge cuckoo clock, the Glockenspiel.

Hofbrauhaus is one of the largest and oldest beer halls in Munich. A must. Once.

Augustiner Brewery. Once you escape the Hofbrauhaus, come to a real beer hall full of good food, great beer, and locals. A bit out of the way, but worth the walk.

… oh and there´s so much more, but at the moment my brain is stuck in first gear and I want to get the hell off this computer and enjoy a beer. I´ll drink one for you, there definitely is enough to go around.