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My Observation On Clothes European Women Wear...
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Hi. I just got back from visiting about 10 cities in Europe for a month. Honestly, I felt quite uncomfortable wearing the clothes I brought from the states in Europe. First off unlike California, no women there wears anything that reveals their boobs. It is so natural to wear tank tops that show a bit of your cleavage with jeans here but in Europe, I felt like a whore wearing just that. Plus, just about everyone stared at me. Two, not many wear sandals. I’ve seen some Europeans but most of them like to cover up their toes I guess. People looked at me as if they were thinking "she looks all right but what’s up with her shoes?" Third, I found it getting more and more conservative as you go East. Certainly, Barcelona clothing and Budapest clothing was different. Fourth, women wear very simple clothes. Just jeans or pants with black shirt/top. But they decorate themselves with jeweleries and scarves. And they look really elegant. I never thought one could look so nice with a piece of necklace! One black shirt with some earings, necklaces, scarves, and handbags can make you look different everyday for at least three days. Lastly, right now it seems like that green/yellow shirt that says BRASIL is really popular among both men and women. Somehow I really hate that shirt but I guess that’s the trend.

I don’t know what other people’s observations are but this is purely my opinion so take it or leave it. Cheers