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Need a place to stay in Pamplona??
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Well I have been off of this board for sometime.  But My friends that live in Pamplona asked me to help them recieve guests for the fiesta.  I had a business booking accommodation for 5 years and discovered that I really wanted to play in Pamplona during the fiesta instead of work during it.  These people were born and raised in Pamplona and know everything about the fiesta.  They also know about the trains and the best ways to get to pamplona from other places (like Barcelona)  They can help with bull fight tickets, balconies, but also a place to stay.
They both speak  flueant Spanish, Basque, English and French.  They worked with me for a couple of years and I used to rent flats from them as well.  They live right in the heart of the fiesta and can get the best places to stay.
I have known them for 6 years and they are an HONEST wonderful couple.  I live here in the states and took people from all over the world to pamplona with me and had  many returning guest.  I would be happy to pass your requests on to them.  You can reach me at [][/email]
I have been going to pamplona since 1999 and they helped me the most of all my friends that live in pamplona.
It’s not to late to find a room.  The one thing I love most about the fiesta is the spanish/Basque locals that welcome 100’s of thousands if not millions of people to their city each year.  Everyone is an equal during sanfermines.
Let me know if I can help make your dream of Running with the bulls easier
If you are just trying to get in for just one night it is easier to just simply lock up your belongings stay up and party all night, run or watch the run pass out in the Plaza or catch the next train out of town.  If your young it is what most people do that just want to pass through pamplona and see what the fiesta is all about.
But if you are serious about wanting to run with the bulls (not just 5 minutes in front of them)  Like many do and then boast they had done it, it takes some planning and you want to be there for more than just 1 night.
One word of advise many people can not run just once, it gets into their blood and return year after year.  Enjoy the fiesta with people that really know the fiesta someone that has been born and raised in Pamplona.  What could be better.
I am hoping to make it to pamplona this year, but my niece is trying to twist my arm into going to india with her to watch the bull fiesta there.
Again I would be happy to help you with any questions or refer you on to My firiends in Pamplona.   All of the rooms are in secure and safe locations and right in the heart of the fiesta.  No long walks or bus rides at 3am
Viva San Fermin Gora San fermin
If you are a journalist they can also help with your needs from a place to stay to helping you get your press passes or balconies to shoot from.