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Night travel saves dough

Combine your travel and accomodation expenses. Travelling at night can save you a lot of money on accomodation. If you catch a night train you can sleep during the train journey instead of spending money in a hostel or hotel. This also gives you more time to explore the town or city you are visiting.

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Thanks for posting!

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are the rates cheaper for night trains rather than trains during the day??
Sammi and Mona

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Traveling at night saves dough, but you alos miss large sections of europe while you slepp. Pay the extra money and get a hotel and do your travelling during the day

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I can see how this could go both ways. Maybe find out which trips are going to be scenic & do those during the day & trips with little to no real scenery do at night.

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Is it safe to travel at night? What are the trains like? Are they trains like rooms that yu can sleep in or is it out in the public? Any info helps! Thanks!

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I want to travel by night train between venice and prague on the evening of 20 march, is there such a trip on this date, and where do I find it, where do I look to find a link to make a booking. If I buy a sleeper on the train, do I pay extra on a eurorai pass, or is it just as good to buy it without a eurorail pass

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You pay extra for a sleeper, yes.

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thanks for posting but the really charge for sleeper


Frank Andrew
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I think its a good option for me. Its a great option for students and singles and for some friends traveling together. Great advice for me.
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