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ogvo volunteer & tour, intern and learn drumming & dancing program in Ghana

OGVO provide people from worldwide the opportunity to volunteer and tour, intern and to participate in any of its educational programmes in Ghana.

Our Generation Voluntary Organization [OGVO] was founded in 2004 with the main aim of helping the helpless in the society and giving hope to the helpless and less privilege people. OGVO is a non-political, non-religious, non-profit making organization. Its membership is opened to anyone who is willing and able to work voluntarily to help societies in Ghana.

OGVO is a registered Organisation in Ghana which offers variety of volunteers projects/placement to international students and volunteers in Ghana and has twenty seven (27) hard working employees across the ten regions in Ghana. We organises excellent/suitable voluntary placement in West Africa – Ghana. Its has headquarters in Kumasi Ashanti, Ghana.

Most of our projects are geared towards the marginalized communities in West Africa – Ghana where they need help; we take it upon ourselves to suspport this communities in terms of donations and volunteering.

OGVO offers volunteers the opportunity to work with HIV/AIDS Education, Teaching project, Orphanage Homes, Workcamps, Drumming and Dancing lesson, Ghanaian Language and cultural studies, Healh project, conservation project, sanitation project, internship, street children project, tourism and so on and so forth.

In the long term, OGVO aims at having a well establish orphanage home to cater for not less than thousand (1,000) children. In order achieve this, OGVO is helping existing orphanage homes and learning from them.

We offer group and individual placement, cultural exchange programmes etc. for schools/colleges, clubs, organisations etc.

It is the vision of OGVO to develop at network within the West African sub-region with Liberia being our next target and it is no overstatement that OGVO is one of the sensational voluntary organisations in the world.


OGVO has been set up with the specific objective of helping volunteers who want to come to Ghana find it easy and relatively cheaper to do so.

The organization has been set up with the following specific objectives;
To give people who are interested in voluntary camp workshop the opportunity to use their leisure time in community service development work.
To bring people from different parts of the world together to work for the betterment of society whiles giving them the opportunity to learn from each other and develop useful relationships.
Give foreign volunteers the opportunity to learn about Africa from Africans in Africa.

Project objectives are also giving under the various projects.