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One week and counting...

Travelogue Entry
Tags: Airport, itinerary, luggage, packing, Paris, Planning
City: Seattle, WA, United States

Still in Seattle folks. My flight leaves ONE WEEK from today. Things are starting to feel real and I’m tying up all of my loose ends. I did a “test pack” yesterday and was bummed to learn that I need to eliminate A LOT of extraneous clothes!! As a fellow traveler and good friend told me: “You can buy clothes there! Save some space!” He has a very valid point, but being a fashionista, I’m doubting survival without all my stylish pieces!! Anyway, I had to go back and really think about how many times I would wear something. I ended up learning that I could take other items that are versatile and turn them into “special occasion” pieces. My bottom line turned out to be that I’d rather have a blast and see Europe than look stylish while doing so. I guess this is part of the experience?? Learning that perhaps all these material things we feel we CANNOT live without actually have a miniscule and superficial effect on our happiness. Whew….

My friend Nicole is meeting me at Charles de Galle airport (her flight from La Coruna gets in 2 hours before mine) and then we head to our hotel. We ended up booking a cheap hotel instead of a hostel due to booking far too late (all the good hostels were taken, leaving only overpriced private rooms). One thing we did learn – after paying the non-refundable hotel fare – that had we stayed one less day, our booking fee would have dropped by 40%. One night cost us an extra $100. Next time I will know to tinker with the dates before booking something. Lesson learned!!!!

I will post on here as much as I can about the places I stay and lessons I learn. Not so much for other people to read it (although, I’d sure love some comments and followers!!) but to look back on my own and remember the process and how I felt each step of the way. It’s just too surreal at the moment… It won’t be real until I step off that plane in a completely foreign land. Okay, “completely foreign” may be an overstatement. Nonetheless…I anticipate some culture shock.