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Operation X
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My real name is Philip, I’m 27 and I live in Northern Ireland.

Last year I passed my driving test (Finally) but even with that things haven’t got any more exciting or interesting. I rarely see my mates , they’re all too busy with work, or Girlfriends and the like.

So I got talking to a mate, last October, who suggested that I ought to possibly go travelling in Europe for a couple of weeks. I’ve waited to get Christmas out of the way. So I though as part of my research plans I’d start with this site that I came accross – I will be reading through the forums but I though some people here could give me some pointers as to how to plan a two or three week trip.

Were could I go? well, I would like to maybe see a liitle of Southern France. if possible a little of Italy, or even see Germany. My whole point is, I’m not sure were to get started.

I like History, (The Roman Empire, WW2, 1st world war ETC) I like meeting new people, so I quite like pubs. But here’s the thing, I’m alergic to Alcohol, it would make me sick, so I can’t drink, yet I like meeting new people. I don’t find sports THAT exciting – I’d watch the odd match on TV (England and Manchester United soccer games mainly ) So I won’t be keen on going to big sports events. Mountain climbing and the like woudn’t be my cup of tea as my balance isn’t very good.

I would be happy to jump on a train and go from A to B – provided I can open the doors when the train stops. 10 years ago, when I was in college I couldn’t open the big heavy door at my stop and I had to wait untill the next stop Frown So that would be my only gripe with Trains.

However, I’d prefer a bus. Is there any bus companies in Europe that would drive me around with other 27 year olds and let me see what the rest of God’s wonderful great green earth is like? That is probably what I’d fee most comforable with.

I wouldn’t mind going it alone, after all I’m usually on my own everyday anway .. I rarely see people. Even on a Sunday, My Brother is working, My other brother is away, my Parents have left me to feed the cats and cattle and as a result I probably wouldn’t feel THAT different if I did all the research neccessarry and disappeared to mainland europe for 2-3 weeks.

I hope somoene will give me a kick up the back-side and help me get started with planning a possible solo trip away. This is so top secret that not even my parent’s know about this.. only my best mate – and as a result I’ve quietly called this “Operation x” LOL Smile

Hopefully someone can help


P.S I ‘ve been to Spain before with my parents – Alicante to be precise, so I’d like to see other parts of Europe.

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Perhaps you could do either France/Germany or a France/Italy trip?
Perhaps Paris/Strasbourg/Alsace, or Paris/Côte d’Azur/northern Italy?
You could do trains or the bus, but I really think you would do fine with trains.
There are companies such as BusAbout which might work for you.