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Our First Trip
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My cousin and I are planning our first trip to Europe (hopefully Spain, Italy, France, and Ireland) and it will just be the two of us girls. We are leaving from the US sometime this summer and want to stay for about a month but we’re kind of overwhelmed and don’t really know where to start! We’re looking for advice on anything and everything to do with planning, where to stay, and what we have to see while we’re there. Please help us backpacking virgins!

I am traveling for 28 days
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First, read the “stickys” at the top of each forum and a couple of weeks worth of old posts in each of the forums, here. Also look at the “travel tips” tab. I like to go to a travel agency and pick up some of the big brochures from the tour companies as a starting point. Also look at a guidebook for budget travelers like Lonely Planet or Let’s Go — check for a copy at your library before you buy one. I start by copying on of tour company trips, or combining a couple of them to get a very basic idea for the trip. Just remember that you can’t cover quite as much territory in the same amount of time when you’re traveling on your own — largely because you’ll want to visit places rather than see them through the window of a moving bus. Use a map and a calendar to develop a basic itinerary. Post that as a “eurotrip” here for comments. Post more specific questions in the appropriate forums.