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Overnight Train Reservations
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I am flying into Copenhagen on June 16th, and my wife and I want to leave on the overnight train to Cologne on the evening of the 17th. I have read that reservations are often required for overnight trains, but I don’t know how far in advance they need to be made. Should I reserve my overnight train (I have a Eurail Pass) online now, or would I be able to wait until I get to Copenhagen and do it right at the station? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Cant say i ever had a problem reserving a train anywhere in Europe. Just usually went into the station the day before and booked the train. Although I have not been on that particular train but cant see much difference. Perhaps someone out there has.

I also think it works out cheaper?, although don’t quote me on that!

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Usually, booking on the day of departure or one day before is sufficient. Reservations bought on the spot are almost always cheaper than those bought via travel agency.

You are planning to take a train to Germany – try to browse through and see if there is a SparNight option available for this train. SparNight is a ticket plus bed reservation starting at 29 euros for the whole journey of one train (or a portion of it, but no changing!). There are just a few beds in each train reserved for SparNights, so if you want it, you should book it well in advance. That price also covers the fare, not just the bed reservation, so you may even save a day of your Railpass validity. But not all trains offer SparNight options, and I’m too lazy to check the Copenhagen-Cologne leg, so if you are interested, investigate yourself

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If you only want to search train or bus connection within Czech&Slovakia and/or to neighboring countries, use or search engines. For domestic transport, they also show prices.

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You will definitely need a reservation for this train, but I would wait until you get to Copenhagen to buy it. While there’s only one direct overnight train, there are a couple of other workable options, so in the unlikely event the train is completely sold out you can probably find some alternative that will work. Papyr’s suggestion of a Spar Night ticket is an excellent one—however I don’t see any availability at the cheapest prices for the 17th.

Have you looked for a cheap flight??? Air Berlin flies this route.

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You could still get two bunks in a 6-person compartment for 69 Euro a piece. Reservation alone would probably cost around 30 Euro. So 69 Euro all in is still a decent deal, provided you’d be able to use your pass day some other time.
By the way 29 Euro, at best, buys you a seat, not a bunk. For extra 20 Euro (79 Euro per person) you could get into a 4-person compartment.