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Packing for Europe in May, June
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Hey everyone,
I’m arriving in Greece on April 18.  Spending two weeks there, and then two weeks each in Italy, France, Spain, and then a week in London and Dublin, leaving Dublin to home on June 17.  From some websites/guidebooks, it says the weather is about 55 to 70 degrees during those times.  Not doing any mountain trekking or anything, but hitting a few beaches in San Sebastian/Nice and in Egypt (doing before going to Europe).  
So, what should I pack?  I was thinking pants/jeans and t-shirts most of the time, and a couple shorts for my time in Egypt and the beaches.  But, reading some other posts, they say you’re still wearing sweaters most of the time in Europe in May/June.  Is it raining a lot during that time too?  Do I need to bring a raincoat?
Lastly, from other people’s experience, should I bring a sleep sheet?  I’m staying in a combination of B&B’s, hostels, and budget hotels.  Thanks in advance. 

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T-shirts and pants or jeans with a pair or two of shorts will be fine for most of your trip. You’ll want a water repellant jacket.  You will definitely hit rain sometime, someplace on this trip.  You’ll want a sweater or at least something with long sleeves that you can layer with a t-shirt and your jacket.  50 degrees is pretty cool when you’re standing around on a misty evening.

Sleep sheet is a much debated matter of personal preference.  You can always rent linens for a euro or two if the hostel doesn’t provide them.  Most of the lengthy discussions on this issue were more than a year ago so don’t show up easily with a search, but you can find lots of opinion on both sides of this issue in the old posts.

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For most places in Europe May is warm/hot and June is hot/scorching. It varies a lot depending on how far North you are. We here in the UK are usually warm in May but with the weather as crazy as it is these days it can be wet and cool at times. Last year it was like April (known for April Showers as the UK saying goes) so as you can imagine it poured. The year before it was roasting.
The British go on holiday to south of france and spain/greece etc for their holidays as early as Feb as the weather is so much nicer down there. So really, I would say stick with loose, cool clothing but make sure you pack a raincoat and a jumper for those chilly evenings (even when its hot in the day it can be cold at night, especially in May in the UK and France).
Hope this is of some use

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i was in Normandy, and the Loire in May 2005.  cold. maybe 10-12 celsius.  if that’s the case and you can, change your trip and go south while it’s cold in the north.  I ended up wearing all my tops that i had brought: fleece, t shirt, long sleeve shirt and jacket.  the french people wandering around Chenonceau with me pulled out scarves   I suggest bringing a fleece and a jacket – both are lightweight stuff

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Greece is pretty warm by the end of April, but at that point you still might get some colder temps. If you look at what the Greeks are wearing you’ll think it should be at least 10 degrees colder! They wear puffy coats when us Americans were walking around in t-shirts. I was in Greece from the beginning of April to beginning of June; it started out warm, and then we had a cold snap (in the 40s, and I hadn’t really packed clothes for cool weather), but then it starts getting downright hot. It actually should be really pleasant while you’re there. I would pack a sweater/hoodie/fleece with you just in case, though; even when its warm during the day it still can get pretty cold at night.

Oh yeah, and I was in Venice for a week in mid May and it was FREEZING. It also rained when we first got there. We took the ferry up from Athens and we didn’t pack warm clothes at all since it was so warm in Greece. Big mistake. We spent a lot of the time wearing all the clothing we had (each of us had a light jacket or a hoodie, but not both). It warmed up somewhat during the week, but at first even during the day we were cold.