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Packing List
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Hi all, my wife and I are in the process of shopping for backpacks for a 1 month Europe Trip this September. We will be visiting Endland, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy. We have booked our accomidations and made travel arrangements, and now are i the process of deciding what to pack…

We plan on packing relitively light – 1 backpack and a daypack each in total.

I have read dozens of suggested packing lists in magazines, webpages, etc and it is a little overwelming. I know there has been posts on this in the past, but I wanted to get an up to date list from experienced travelers.

We have planned on packing:

3 pants
5 shirts
1 rain jacket
1 sweater
5 underwear
5 pair socks
1 hat
toiletre kit
    tooth paste
    shaving cream
    contact solution
    nail clippers
first aid kit (home made)
    Pepto pills
    cold medicine (nyquil)
    alcohol wipes
sewing kit
current converter (for charging digital camera)
digital camera + cord and mempry cards
glasses/ contact lenses (second pair)
travel clothes line
medium micro towel
documents (passports/ conformations/ money/ visa/ debit, etc)

What obvious things are we missing
Let me know

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some traveler to my hostel find it good to bring BAR OF DETERGANT as this is good for making laundering of clothing. One guest al-hafeez tell me that it is possible to get bar (cake) that is shampooing, soap and detergent (for the linens). I think this save space.

otherwise list look good. what is this POLYSPORINE? if medicine you might be careful you see at many borders (like ALBANIA) you need SPECIAL DOCUMENTS to import such things to prevent against PLAGUE.

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You can wash clothes with shampoo if it comes to that.
Add dental floss. Some people even make a travel clothesline with it. I’ve never taken Nyquil, immodium,&nbspepto pills, Polysporin, a sewing kit, or alcohol wipes, but that’s a personal decision.
I’m guessing you are going to check your luggage, unless you have generous luggage allotments on all your flights and have 3 oz. or less of each of the liquids and gels. (It’s a bit more complicated than that, so look it up if you are concerned.) Anyway, if you do check luggage, make sure you have a carry-on with one change of clothes, for the worst case scenario.

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You are definitely on the right track, you seem to have covered all the basics-just a few notes here.  It is helpful if the clothes you are packing (or at least of the majority of the clothes you are packing) can dry quickly, especially because it seems that you will be doing laundry in your hotel/hostel.  Synthetic fabrics in lightweight material dry quickly (avoid 100% cotton), denim is Ok though because personally I can’t live without it.  It is also best if your clothing is neutral so you can mix and match easily.  Check out Travelista’s Travel Clothes Guidelines for more detailed information.

I also have found a flashlight useful, especially on overnight trains and in hostels at night.  If you like reading, a booklight will also keep you from getting bored on overnight trains when your cabinmates turn in early.  A few plastic grocery bags take up little room and are helpful for dirty clothes or shoes.  Similarly a few extra ziploc type bags come in handy as well-I usually stuff all my paper memorobillia (ticket stubs, restaurant cards, museum maps, etc) in a large one and sort it out later.

If you are planning on self catering along the way you’ll want a plate and utensils:
THis set from Flight001 seems cool, I haven’t tried it out myself so I don’t know how compact it is…
Also I always carry a lexan wine glass so I can sample wines while picnicking or to drink on long train rides.  This one from REI is nearly unbreakable and the stem stores inside the glass to take up less room:…

Your wife may want to add a few accessories to spice up her travel clothes: A wrap can be used on the plane/train as a blanket, wrap over your layers during cooler weather, or it can be use as a scarf.  Silky scarves can also add color to neutral travel clothing when worn around your neck, in your hair, or even as a belt.  Simple jewelry also takes up little space and adds spice.

I also have some TSA Toiletry Hacks if you are carrying on and find that your toiletries don’t fit into the required quart size ziploc.

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I’m not sure if that list is for both of you, or just for one. If for one, then you could axe 1 pair of pants and a shirt. I usually combine soap/shampoo/detergent by bringing a liquid soap like Dr. Bronners. Also, I really don’t like the microfiber towels. A thin cotton one from Walmart or wherever works just fine. A small travel alarm is also a good idea, unless you have an alarm on your watch you will wake up to. A plastic bag for dirty clothes is a good recommendation. How about a guidebook? Last thing, throw a couple of Cliff bars (or whatever) in your bag – good to have if you can’t find food.

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Dr. Bronners rocks! and for sure you’ll need some Cliff bars/protein bars.  It’s handy to have protein bars just to hold you over between meals or sometimes instead of meals if your really watching your Euros. 

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I would take a pair of shower shoes, thongs will work and don’t weigh much.
Once you get there save a plastic drink bottle and keep it filled with water.