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Packing for two different climes...what to do with a coat?
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I will be spending June in Iceland/Sweden/Norway, and I’ve heard that especially in Iceland, it can get down to the 30s.  Now, I don’t mind the cold, but I also don’t want to be lugging a huge winter coat around while I continue on my trip further south (I’m going as far south as Greece in August).  I’d like to avoid playing a ton of money on shipping…are there places that are less expensive to ship from?  Do you folks have any creative solutions to this climate shift?  Thanks!

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Since you’re going to the northern countries first, I’d go to a thrift store and get an OK jacket. Then, just discard it or give it away when you’re out of the north. Even going to Walmart and getting a $50 jacket would work. Much better to get rid of it than lug it around, and it will help if it’s not an expensive one.

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I don’t think you really need a winter coat in June, just lots of layers.  Silk long underwear weighs nothing and takes up no room.  Layer that with a t-shirt, something with long sleeves and a lightweight, water-repellant jacket and you should be OK.  I’d take stocking cap, mittens and thermal socks — pitch them when you get to warmer climes.  If it’s absolutely freezing you can buy an Icelandic sweater.

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I don’t know about Iceland, but as this site shows, it should not be that bad.…

And – as for northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, beyond the arctic circle, don’t be surprised if you arrive there in June and it will be 80-90 Fahrenheits 24 hours a day. The sun never sets in June and, even though you’re beyond the arctic circle, it can be pretty hot there. And LOADS of mosquitoes.

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