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Paradise Beach

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Tags: Accomodations, beach
City: Mýkonos, Greece
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Debauchery, alcohol, beautiful surroundings and even more beautiful people will greet you at the party mecca of the Cyclades. Paradise Beach does not make any promises it doesn’t keep, for better or worse. Here’s what they offer:

Campsites, bungalows and apartments. All reasonably priced, but book ahead for everything except camping in the summer.

The Beach:
Semi-coarse sand. Chairs and umbrellas €5. Beautiful people. Semi nude is not uncommon. Clear blue water with a natural reef to keep back the undertow.

The Bars:
Two chic bars on the beach with expensive drinks (€8 mixed drinks). You can also purchase cheap beers from the self service store (Freddie’s) on site.

The Food:

  • Freddie’s: A beach institution. Self-service with fresh, good food. Greek salad €7. Best * choice.
  • Souvlaki/Gyros
  • Fish

The Club
Paradise Club is very expensive, but hosts some of the best talent every week during August. For top- notch DJ’s expect to pay upwards of €35. Parties start at 11 and last all night.

Getting There
10 minutes by bus to Mykonos center. Bus runs every half hour afternoon/early evening. Evening and early morning busses are at varying intervals depending on the day— check schedule.

NOTE: There is NO ATM in the complex! Be sure to get your money out in town before you arrive.