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PDX-ROM March-September
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I am applying for a student visa March-end of August. The best flight I have found to far is on Orbitz. for $757 March 3-September 15.
I have found something cheaper to London but they ryanair flights to Perugia don’t match up on my arrival date.

Has anyone found something better? I need to get to Perugia so Rome is closest.
Secondly, can anyone help me wout with one way flights? I could end up enrollong in more classes to extend my stay permit. The San Francisco consulate says I need round trip flight reservations, so do those appyling for a visa permit never get one way tickets? Also, are they ever even worth it given that they often cost little less than a round trip?

Thanks for any help, Sam

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You need proof of onward travel outside of the Schengen border within the allowed days; that’s not always a roundtrip ticket. It could be ferry reservations to Croatia, or a one-way Ryanair flight to the UK for example.

One-ways are often cheapest if purchased from a consolidator. Also check out student sites.

$757 doesn’t seem too far off from what I’d expect for this roundtrip, since you’ll be outbound in March, staying more than 6 months; tickets with stays more than 30 days (except to UK/Ireland) typically cost more, but as I mentioned, try consolidators or student ticket agencies. See our new user thread—top of this forum—for those.