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A piece of advice for anyone who's hesitating to travel alone
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Last year, I posted in this forum, under another username because I lost this one about wanting to travel alone, as my original plans with a friend were no longer to be. I was very concerned, not necessarily about my safety, but mainly about the limitations of traveling on my own. Having always previously traveled with people, I had certain judgements, or fears I suppose ‘what is there to do after 8 p.m., etc etc.
So last year, for a month, I went away on my own. I visited Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and then made my way to visit family in Germany. I remember the first day I arrived in Prague, after sleeping off the initial ‘what the hell am I doing here on my own’ reaction, I walked the streets, still concerned. It is completely normal to have that fear before you do something you’ve never done before! It doesn’t mean it is not for you!!! That day I met a girl, who was also traveling on her own, and she decided to join me for a few weeks. It was great, except as you may say it didn’t result in me being completely on my own.

Anyhow, after that experience, I planned my second trip, which this time was two months long, and ended this past August. I was to take off to Southern Europe, on my own. I’ve read here about ‘I wouldn’t do a beach trip alone’. Seriously, I completely understand that point of view, I had it before…but now I’ve done it, I seriously would recommend it to everyone! You end up meeting so many people, forming so many close friendships in instants of time and it’s really a self fulfilling experience. This time around, I followed no strict schedule, went where I felt like going, stayed as long as I wanted to stay, and I even missed a flight, consciously! I have seriously met more people traveling on their own than with someone, and really I think it’s the way to go.
That to say, I really felt like I needed to post this here, after being one of the people to ask questions such as ‘do you ever feel lonely, what kind of activities do you do when alone’….don’t limit yourself! If you want to go to remote or not as touristy areas, don’t stick to Northern parts just to fulfill your days with museums and other touristy attractions.
And although my friends find me social and chatty with strangers, I consider myself to be reserved and not necessarily the type to be the first to approach another person, yet I never ever felt alone and this kind of experience makes you discover other parts of yourself than the ‘normal’ pattern you adhere to…so trust me, if I could do it, anyone can!

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