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The pleasure and pain of Mykonos

Travelogue Entry
City: Mýkonos, Greece
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The most expensive, raucous, and legendary Island in the Cyclades is only a 3 hour ferry ride from Andros, but mentally thousands of miles away. We arrived at the port and made our way through the throngs of people promoting clubs, parties, hotels, and campsites until we found the free 15 minute shuttle to Paradise Camping. The campground itself is a party complex with a beautiful beach, scooter rentals, loads of campsites, restaurants, and one of the best clubs in Europe. The facilities are well managed, yet can be pricey. Camping was only €20, but everything else adds up and because you are a bus ride out of the city with nothing but rocky desert in between, you can feel a bit stuck (there’s not an ATM anywhere in the complex!). The beach itself at paradise is extraordinary and we spent the better part of two days laying out, swimming, drinking and eating. The water is gorgeous and protected by a natural barrier reef which prevents any sort of undertow.

When we did venture to the maze like whitewashed city (€1.40 by bus every half hour in the afternoon/evening, varied schedule the rest of the day/night) we ate and drank at some great places. Here are the highlights: Caprice bar offers lively music, good drinks, and gets started earlier than most. Skandanavian Bar is a party complex that offers something for everyone with a dance club, chill bar, and even a Cafe. Lotus is a decent restaurant with moderate prices.

Our last day on Mykonos was a bust as we bought tickets to Delos (a 25 minute excursion to the mythological birthplace of Apollo) but the scheduled changed last minute not leaving us enough time to catch our ferry back to Rafina if we took the excusrion. Such is Mykonos.

All in all, Mykonos is great for two or three days but dangerous for any longer. Much of the time you can feel trapped, especially at Paradise as there is not much else to do than party, eat, drink, and swim. The people are beautiful, the island is gorgeous, and the nightlife is hedonistic. Money and inhibitions seem to evaporate quickly, so take heed and treat Mykonos like a wild animal: she can bite!

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