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Putting together a group to share an apartment
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I have found out that it is possible to rent an apartment right in the centre of the party and if I get a few people then it will work out quite reasonable for Pamplona. The dates I am going to aim at is the 12th,13th and 14th of July. I have heard that the closing ceremony is great at midnight on the 14th, plus I want to avoid the crush and overcrowding at the weekend and the start of the fiesta. I have heard it will be a nightmare this year as the weekend is at the start this year. I have been offer a couple of places depending on how many people we get, both of the places are only under 5 minutes walk to the bullrun. If we can get enough people we can get the price down to $70 USD per person. The apartments are like studio places with 4 to 6 beds. So if anybody is interested drop me an email.