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Quick clothing tip....
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If you are planning on running with the bulls, good luck to you. I did it and it was great.

My buddy and I were experiencing Europe for 10 weeks in 2001 and realyl wanted to get to Pamplona for the run. But, since we had no idea when we would actually get to make our way there, we had to make last minute plans. So, we were in Madrid and figured we would make our way to Pamplona from there. We threw our bags in a locker in the train station and went on the 5 hour (I think it was 5 hours) trip. We got there not long after the first run and knew we would be spending that whole day and night before getting the chance to risk our lives.

He and I got some drinks, walked around the city, met others like us, and were very excited for the next morning. Unfortunately, we were pretty stupid when we planned this excursion to Pamplona. We did not take into consideration that it might get a little chilly at night. And it did.


I wish we would have had pants. Cuz the minute the sun went down, the chill began. YIKES! We spent all night looking for an ATM vestibule with room to sit in to no avail. We walked around as long as we could before realizing we were not keep nearly as warm as we need. We found an Indian restaurant and had cous cous (we had very little money) for about 2 hours somehow and then back to the streets. It was wretched.

So, moral of the story…. wear pants and long sleeves. Sure I ran with the bulls and survived, but I was lucky to survive through the night.

Sorry if this posting was way too long. I guess I could have just given the advice. But that would be too easy.

Happy Trails,

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I think this was a great post. I have been telling people for years that it can get chilly at night and they really don’t believe me. Spain in July yeah right it gets cold. Most people want to know about rooms with AC.

One morning I was going out to take photos from the barriers and I could actually see my breath it was so cold.

It can also rain 2-3 days during fiesta whcih can make it all the more miserable if you don’t have a place to stay.

If you are just planning on going in for the night make sure you are prepared take a sweatshirt, long pants, it is easier to got get these things from a locker than to try and make it through the night freezing. If you do get a locker make sure to check the hours they are open and plan accordingly.
The Days can be pretty hot but it does cool down a lot at night that you would want pants and a long sheelve shirt or even a light jacket.

Also you can buy white pants and everything else you need to be part of the fiesta according to tradition. White pants, shirts, red shashes and red scarves.

The real thing that is a must is closed sturdy shoes. There is always broken glass everywhere and if you plan to try and run you will need good sturdy shoes to run in. NO SANDALS

And remember a hat if you go to the fights.

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Definitely good advice to heed here. The first time I went to Pamplona I was not expecting it to be so chilly. I got hit by ear infections and a fever the afternoon I arrived, and slept in my rental car using a towel as a blanket and woke up every so often to turn on the engine and let it warm up so I could run the heater a bit. Not fun.

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I would like to second the advice about wearning good footwear. Do not wear sandals! I also found a cheap pair of sunglassed kept the chamagne out of my eyes during the opening of the festival. Never knew how much champagne stung the eyes!

Yep, it gets damn cold at night and then gets really warm in the morning so that you cant sleep in a tent after a certain time.

Oh yeah, one last thing dont jump off that damn statue at the Mussel Bar! and if you do, make sure you do a belly flop.