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"Bummin' around Europe"....Travel Pack VS Backpack
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Hi everyone! I’m going to be traveling solo for 3 months in Europe this spring/summer, and still not sure about which way to go for my "luggage". Everyone says to go with a "travel pack", because of the separation compartments and detachable daypack, etc. But the more I look into travel packs, the more frustrated I get. All I seem to find ANYWHERE is the $300 Eagle Creek. I’ve found other (and cheaper) packs from reccomended on-line/international retailers, such as the infamous MacPac, but while these packs are cheaper, once you figure in the $100 shipping costs they end up the same price, if not more than, the Eagle Creeks anyway!! (which I have now come to think of as the Starbucks of travel gear, from the standpoint of being on a downtown Seattle street). Lately a "backpack" is seeming more and more the better choice. There are more options in terms of size, style, and price, and plus, when I try them on I don’t feel like I’m carrying my house on my back. And I can move – what a concept! And twist and turn and feel mobile!
So, my question is, is it REALLY necessaray to get the travel packs as EVERYONE commands and so highly suggests, or can I just deal with a toploading "backpack"? Are the extra conveniences really that important in the long run?
Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!