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Red light district questions
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How much does it cost

And are there limitations (as in what you can and cannot do)

Also any particular recommendations are encouraged

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Depends—which city? Generally… Free; it’s an area of the city. People live there, work there, shop and go to school there or nearby. If you want to smoke, it’ll cost you whatever the bar is charging. Don’t kill or hurt anyone. No kids. I’m just telling you what I heard, of course.

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When you say “how much does it cost” are you referring to the ladies? If so I have heard through other travelers it’s 50 euro and the time you get varies. I can’t answer for limitations , but it’s a business so I’m sure you can negotiate just about anything. I would recommend renting a bicycle for the duration of your stay. Hands down the best way to enjoy the city. Hope this helps!

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Based off 2nd hand information from friends, I’ve heard it’s around 50 euro for a 30-minute “suck and f—k”, which well, is pretty self-explanatory. I imagine if you wanted to get kinky, you could find someone to do it but it’d probably be more expensive.

Beware the guards/pimps, though, as they WILL kick your ass if you roughhouse the ladies and they’ll also throw your camera in the canal if they see you taking pictures.

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