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Wife and I want to rent a car for 3 weeks travelling from Frankfurt through france, switzerland, Italy, up to prague, and then back to frankfurt. Any suggestions for insurance and certiain rental car companies to deal with? Is it worthwhile going with diesel car compared to gasoline? I have estimated about 3000 km`s or so.

I am leaving from Edmonton, Canada with $8000 for 23 days
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Over the years, I have read consistently good things about Auto Europe. I’ve personally never rented from them. I believe they shop Sixt, a German-based car rental company, but wouldn’t hurt to shop on your own, as well as http://www.bookingbu… if shopping first on price.

Check your current credit card coverage and see if it works with rentals in the countries you mentioned. Also check your current policy, as well as travel insurance—if you will be getting it—to see what, if any, coverage is already included.

Also consider short-term lease, which can be cost-effective for trips of 3 weeks or more; all KMs included, and you drive a brand-new car. Peugeot and Renault have these, I believe (been a while since I last checked). Not sure if those include insurance in the lease or not—but def. worth checking.

updated: found these for you—
http://europeforvisi… — looks like their rates include CDW and third-party cover

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I think diesel is usually more cost-effective and there are a lot of diesel cars available.

Hopefully you are over 25 years old. Many car companies in Europe won’t rent to younger drivers or have a 20 to 30 euro daily surcharge if you’re under 25. Read the fine print carefully — there may be no surcharge on an economy car, but a large one for any upgrade.

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I guess you are best with a rented car, maybe with a station wagon and camping gear or with a minivan. Diesel or petrol are at the moment almost the same price but diesel cars take less,so you save a little going with one of these.

I heard of a company renting used campervans especially for you as a family this could be good. They also have cars with camping gear. There is full insurance included.
Three weeks is not very long for your planned trip but maybe you cancel some points on the way.Smile

In France you can stay for free at special vinyards with a motor home but you have to pay a small member fee in advance. Look at: www.france-passion.f… and in Italy there is a similar thing. If you are interested I send you the link.

The rental car company I was talking of is:…

If you are looking for a motor home I would book it early cause there are summer holidays in this period.

I hope I could help a little.