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Rick Seaney ( is honing "Fare Alerts."
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Heads up!
This could become be a great tool for those who shop for flights way ahead of time, but don’t want to spend hours every day looking for sudden fare drops. It’s not available yet (heck, I’ve signed up for beta-testing) but hopefully will be out in time for next summer or even this winter season.

[/][=“2”]Call for MyTrip Beta Testers

We are working on a project I’m really excited about:
it’s called “My Trips” and we hope to have it up
and running on later this fall.

It’s an extension of the Airfare Email Alerts (yes
still FREE), but it will be much more personal:
you’ll be able to plan your trips to your exact
specifications, save your work for later and
much more.

Example: we can notify you if the tickets you
want have dropped by $10. Or, if you only want
to hear about $50 drops, we can do that. Or
perhaps you only want us to alert you to trips
on Delta in the month of June or perhaps the
second week in August; we can get that specific.

We’re hoping you’ll ultimately join our “My
Trips Club”, and remember, this is one club
without any dues.

Meanwhile, we’re looking for folks who want
to get on our list of “beta testers” — people
who can give us some feedback on “My Trips”.
If you’re interested, just click the link
and press send in your email client:


(Make sure BetaTest is in the subject line)


Safe Travels,

Rick Seaney
CEO and Traveler Advocate,[/]