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Riders of Icarus: 20% of it's current rate

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City: York, United Kingdom
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There are apparently different degrees of “normal”, “high”, etc. For example, I’ve tried one level of stones that say “normal” and get mostly failures — then I’ve moved up a notch or two, and while it still says “normal” I’ll get a lot more successes. (And that’s happened often enough that I don’t think it’s pure coincidence.)

Also, don’t ever go with a “normal” success chance when trying to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold. I don’t have hard numbers, but it feels like it’s at best a 50% chance. When you’ve got de-leveling at stake, that’s just a recipe for frustration.

From personal experience the 20% doesn’t mean much. The game factors the classic RNG which every game has. I tamed Garme with 100% rate and barely got Agnas through with the fail & success bar equalized at the last tick. Remember, it’s 20% of it’s current rate, not flat rate. So say.. if its 10% you’re only getting 2% more. Also, from personal experience you should’ve started using 85(s) at +13 instead of locking them down and spamming 70-80 all the way. That’s what i did and got my Elite Yeti to +15 in less than 40 tries (70, 80 & 85).

I won’t judge the P2W aspect of this game yet. I was doing the tempering wrong to begin with, but I was pissed that the still said “normal” chance… which is clearly bulls***

I know Elluns will be almost a must to temper gear in the future, but right now I have a ton of Ellun and probably in the future there will be more ways to get Elluns, so till I see Lv50 I won’t judge the possible P2W aspect.

Here I thought you said you were using level 100+ Stones… but Icarus Gold, you’re using crappy level 70-80.. no wonder you can’t get higher than +13. You should be able to get to +15 without having to use elluns, after the +15, you’ll need elluns.

I do understand the frustration and you are more than welcome to express it with civility. Do not use tasteless language to express your self on future occasions this is not permitted on this forums or by Nexon policy. Thank you Rider!