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Riders of Icarus: imagine trying Terror Kerav

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There’s nothing wrong about the Marks. The reasoning behind massive people failing Heroic(s) this patch is due to the fact that we’re underleveled in comparison to them. The more levels a mob has in comparison to you the less chances you’ll have for Riders of Icarus Gold. Even 1 is considered at least 10% less, imagine trying Terror Kerav which has 3 levels over the max level cap as of now. That’s not plusing the actual chance you’ve for taming them, so technically it is low. Heroic(s) were never meant to be easy and the fact that everybody was getting Agnas & Garme on their 1st/2nd try just made them used to that it was gonna be along the same path forever. It wasn’t. Also, take into account during the Familiar Event we got a buff containing a 20% Taming Chance Increase.

Dudes, it’s just a mark, there is no guarantee for an insta tame.
What do you thing it’s gonna be like? Phantom is lvl 34, no problem, should work without problems.

Apo is 36, Caspert 37, Karresh and Kerav are 38. Sometimes i even fail 1* or 2* mounts with the same level, so it should really be clear that HEROIC familiars with 1-3 over your own should be hard to tame.

I needed 6 fails before caspert was tamed, 5 fails for ROI Gold, and also Karresh and Kerav failed at the fist attempts so..

It’s not supposed to be that super easy I’m-just-gonna-throw-my-masterball-on-it thingie. It needs hard luck, work and many time/marks to get such a beast. If you don’t want to waste marks and gold and time, just store them and wait for new levelcap in some weeks/months, so if you are 40 then it will be no problem to tame them..

There’s nothing wrong with the marks given from the daily rewards; they’re the exact same as regular marks dropped by various bosses (besides being bound to your character). My guild has around a 1/10 success rate on taming venomous caspert and about 1/5 to tame apocalypse (using non-reward marks). Heroic familiars are much more difficult to tame than regular/elite ones, and it’s also more difficult to tame monsters higher level than you.