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Is this the right backpack?
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I am taking a 3 week backpacking adventure through Western Europe from Sept 21-Oct 13.
I need a backpack that I can check in as a carry on on a couple EasyJet and RyanAir flights. I am packing pretty light (2 shirts, 2 jeans, shoes, 3 underwear, 3 socks, 1 lightweight fleece jacket, 1 pair of under armour for the cold weather and toiletries), but I obviously do plan on buying some items over there.
I am more concerned about how comfortably the bag will carry about a 30 pound load. I am 5’7’‘ and 140 lbs.
Would the North Face Solaris 40 be a good choice for me?
Any other suggestions and info is appreciated.


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Looks like good weight distribution and those straps look comfortable to me.
(It says out of stock, I’m looking at the newer model.)

Ryanair sounds like they are a bit tricky about hand luggage.
Ryanair Carryon

Maybe you’ve already seen this page? (no backpacks on it)
Top Carryons for Ryanair and Easyjet

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When I flew Wizz Air last year I carried on my camera bag that had my netbook in it, and we had to check our backpacks. I made sure to weigh our backpacks before hand at one of the local metro stops (I’ve seen a few with luggage scales). That way when we booked our airline tickets online we knew what kind of travel weight to buy for our bags.

The flight was only an hour and a half, so I didn’t dress for comfort. I wore my heavy boots, and my coat as well as jeans on the plane… so that was at least 10 pounds that I didn’t have to pack or pay for.

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it looks nice. I love it.