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Ronan Tynan
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I know everyone here loves travelling….but what’s travel without a soundtrack?

I like to listen to a lot of previously selected music as I travel…because the next time I listen to the music it reminds me of my trip and really takes me back to the feeling of the experience. That way, I never forget a trip. I’m planning a trip to Greece…and I’ve already picked out my "travel soundtrack" before even booking all my hotels.

Has anyone here ever heard of Ronan Tynan? Well, I’ve chosen his latest cd as my music for this trip. A friend’s daughter who works at UMVD introduced him to me and I’m loving his new album. His voice is amazing, and his inspiring life story makes it that much better. If anyone is looking for a "soundtrack" I suggest Ronan. If you don’t know who he is you can listen to some of his music at his website at www .ronantynan. net. But make sure you read his biography…he’s truly amazing.

Anyone else do this?