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Safe place to 'hide'

I was reading the stories about the theft on the midnight trains and something popped into my head. This is only for the ladies though.
I know some cameras were stolen and the wonderful pictures and memories gone with them, so I say take the memory card out of the camera and hide it in your bra! I know it sounds funny, but if somehow your camera is stolen, at least you’ll have your memories safely hidden.

Hope this helps!

lskan13's profile picture
New Member
New Member
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Joined: 03/31/2009
User offline. Last seen 6 years 50 weeks ago.

great idea. Smile

KeeliKaye's profile picture
New Member
New Member
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Joined: 04/11/2009
User offline. Last seen 7 years 11 weeks ago.

Wow – unorthodox, simple, and brilliant! Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that while I’m tired and grumpy on a train Smile

nbetz's profile picture
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Joined: 06/26/2009
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LOL, this is what I usually do with my money/id when I go out for the evening at home so I don’t have to carry a purse. Would work well for emergency money as well.

Sara1980's profile picture
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New Member
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I also sometimes go to a net cafe and have them burn my images onto a cd – or, email them to myself at a gmail address! That way they never get lost Smile

psuemster's profile picture
New Member
New Member
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Gotta love the multi-purposing ideas for a bra!

SpectacularSpectacular's profile picture
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i think im going to sew a pocket in my bra so i have a nice little place to put my things in! i dont know why bras dont already come with a pocket… we all know our money goes in there, and our phones….its only natural to have a pocket in there!