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Hi, I’ve finally decided that I’m going to go to Europe travelbuddy or not! I’ve decided that I would LOVE to experience the empowering feeling that you ladies have mentioned.

However, I do have a friend taking his leave from tour in Kuwait and meeting up with me for part of my trip.

I’m planning on doing the usual places (I know, very unoriginial!) in a loop of some sort. He is really open to going anywhere and my question is which places would it be safer for me to have a friend with me and which would be safer to travel alone? Along with safety are there other places that are more fun with someone (I realize that its always what you make it!)

I think he was interested in Italy for sure and the UK/Ireland as he’s been to France, Spain and Germany but he said he’d go again. (I’m going to be there longer is it also stupid if I go back to an area that I’d already gone?)

Ahh, I need help…safety is my biggest concern!! Thanks!

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Spain and Italy have a reputation for being more uncomfortable for solo females, but anywhere in Europe is probably safer than home and if you use common sense, trust your instincts, and stay alert and aware you won’t have trouble anywhere.  You really don’t need to worry about your personal safety.  As a solo traveler, you do need to take some precautions about the safety of your belongings.   Pick pockets and purse snatchers are active anywhere there are tourists — that’s a world-wide phenominum, not anything that’s specific to Europe or any country in Europe.

I’d visit the places your friend particularly wants to see with him.  Go anywhere he’s been before or seems less than excited about by yourself.  I’d particularly suggest Italy since he wants go go there and mostly because there’s so much to see. I like to share the “look at that,” “I have to have a picture of that” experiences with somebody else.

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I don’t know what plans you’ve made at this point, if it would work out, or if you’re even interested. But I am also traveling alone for the 1st time to Europe starting about mid May.
I’ll be going to England, Paris, Italy, and perhaps 2-3 days in Germany. I’m 53 years old, (and a smoker), so if those things weren’t a real bother to you, we might be able to split some costs, like a car rental, etc. (which I’ll be getting in the UK.)…..or hook up for a drink to have someone that speaks the same language.
For advice? I’m trying to make some of the arrangements through a travel agent since I’m dealing with more than 1 country, but I hate the thought/can’t deal in some ways with a tour group of 30+ people if I want to see a castle, or ruin, and it’s just a drive by.
Let me know if you’re interested.

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I will be alone in Italy, Spain, and France in July.  I am a female, 25 years old.  Should I be concerned about traveling alone?  I have heard mixed responses….

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JulsSW:  I tried to e-mail you, but it was booted back to me:
My current itinerary is as such:
My 21 year old sister is with me until July 1. I’m 25. Fun, social, and hoping to not be alone entirely for the post-July 1 portion….I hear traveling with another English Speaking woman is a good idea…

Anyway, if interested, I’ll be:
June 15-18: Prague (booked w/friend)
June 19-21: Amsterdam (booked St. Christophers)
June 22: Brussels (so we can fly to London) (Booked hotel)
June 23-27: London (booked two nights at Astor Hyde Park then next two nights at Palmer Lodge)
June 28: Overnight on train to Venice
June 29-July 1: Venice, Italy (booked…don’t remember name Hostel San Croce?)
July 6-10: Barcelona, Spain (HAVE NOT BOOKED/NO TRAVEL BUDDY YET!)

July 11-July 12: Bordeaux (Booked Hotel Continental and a wine tour $33? in Bordeax on 12th)
July 13-15: Paris (HAVE NOT BOOKED!)

If interested, e-mail me.  The e-mail me button on my profile will work…
Thanks, hope to chat soon!
I do want to book the above hostels ASAP.  I’m interested in museums, city bus tours, dining, fun…Look forward to chatting.