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Schengen Visa to Amsterdam
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So I have a friend who has a Colombian passport, and a US Green Card…and we are planning a short trip to Amsterdam…hopefully for the beginning of October, but this whole Visa thing has got me all flustered.
I did a little research on the Netherlands Embassy website in Miami, FL (where she lives), and it is a little confusing. We only plan on staying in Amsterdam during our stay, and the website states:
Proof that you can proceed to the next country after you have visited the Schengen countries, i.e. confirmed itinerary / airline reservation or airline ticket and required visa.
When you bring a confirmed itinerary / airline reservation at the time of your visa application, the actual airline ticket has be shown if your visa has been approved.

Does this mean she needs an actual confirmed itinerary (ie: a purchased ticket) before applying?
I’m less concerned about the hotel reservations because I can always book those and cancel with no penalty in plenty of time (I assume I would need to get her name on the reservation).
But purchasing an air ticket (obviously non-refundable) seems like it could suck if she doesn’t get her application approved in time.
And what is the deal with proof of employment? That seems unnecessary!
Also, does anyone have any experience on how long these things take these days?

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User offline. Last seen 5 years 13 weeks ago.… Sounds like the consulate in Miami is correct to say that your friend will need round trip airfare, and can require proof of stay and funds. When dealing with visa requirements, there’s not a lot you can argue if you really want to visit the country. Maybe look at Belgium or Germany instead—if the requirements are easier—then take train or bus to NL, since there’s, normally, no overland border control within the Schengen border.

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Please refer to this thread: http://www.eurotrip….

Another poster had the same problem, and we figured it out.

PS I’m pretty sure all Schengen countries will require that you have an airline itinerary in order to apply for the Schengen tourist visa.