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Share some of my opinions for FIFA 17

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Tags: FIFA 17
City: London, United Kingdom
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Choose multiple positions (this will notify the manager that you don’t mind playing the following roles in order of preference). Sometimes the manager plays me at places I simply don’t want to play at.

Realistic transfer values – I was the top player of the fifa world cup (in goals and performance average to Buy FIFA Coins) but my worth was not adjusted accordingly. I should be hyped up!

Manager picks team around you if you’re the star player.
Realistic wages – Top player in the world earning 100k/week – yeah, no. I think it’s time we turned the tables on the AI, hey mate triple my salary will you? jk i want to go back home to portugal although im from england. This will also help balance out your team (since they will be more strapped for cash).

Training is OP – Should limit it a bit, 5 slots for a single player is ridiculous. Training could be so much more in depth (regression if not training or playing, + more) and the manager should have some say in what you train. Maybe you get 3 slots but the manager picks 2 of them.

Realistic manager choices – I was on a Bayern team with muller at 88ovr, aguero at 90ovr and me at 86ovr (all played in ST). I had more goals than both of them combined but they were still picked over me consistently need Cheap FIFA Coins, then the manager does the “prove to me what you are worth” bullshit to top it off.

View team roster/formation before transferring – How do I know I fit into your team?
Here are some for manager career.

Unsettled player – should have workrates lowered depending on personality to signify distress.

Override player position – for ocd alleviation.
Train physicals (for younger players, should be limited to prevent it from being OP)
Better simulation results.

Unsackable mode (should be selectable in the start menu, where you pick currency, difficulty, etc.)

Move anywhere mode (as with unsackable mode)
More stable jobs – if you do very well at a club for 5 seasons you shouldn’t be dropped just because of one poor season.

Better expectations – I read that these depend on your teams average overall. These boundaries should change per league with FIFA 17 Coins (i.e. an 80 rated team is average in the premier league but very good, at say, Ireland).

Better YA – should have U18 team, no exact overalls/potentials (just subtle hints) – their performance ratings in the team should help you judge this. Better generated players (50 pace winger lets go)