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Some accidently ganking deaths in Albion Online

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Tags: Albion Online Silver
City: Carcassonne, France
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Some accidentle ganking deaths might occur but its no big deal when your zerg as a whole controls 90% of the Cheap Albion Online Gold. Also its pretty hard for Alliance 1 to accidently AoE itself when everyone of the 300 members in that alliance cannot attack each other.

The simple solution is Alliance 1 stands in quad A, Alliance 2 stands in Quad B. Now theres no friendly fire and thus the zerging can continue. The zerg is not going to be foolish enough to have their second alt alliance walk 5 meters next to them during a huge fight.

I am not in support of zergs here, I am just pointing out how the idea that removing and capping alliances magically fixes the problem.

Imagine if there was a deadly disease that was spreading over a town killing everyone there. Then someone said hey… this disease is very bad, lets put 50 people into this small house and tell them never to leave because if you go out into the streets you may get infected and Albion Online Silver. Meanwhile sticking these people in the house causes suffering as there is very little space or food for everyone there and while it saves them from the disease for a bit there is still a chance for it to get into the house and infect them all. Needless to say instead of doing other ideas like fighting the disease itself or letting the people flee the town the solution is to implement a plan that does not fix anything and only causes more grief. That is what limiting alliances and guild caps will be doing in terms of stopping zergs.

I can assure you, many if not most people group up in huge alliances not because they really want to be in huge alliance. They do it because the game forces that behavior if you want to be relevant in territory control game. You just cannot do it on your own even with current mechanics. And coming changes will favor big alliances so much you can call current state of affairs small guild paradise.

Have you followed the formation of current huge alliances? Its started with 2 guilds fighting it out basically – Nilfgaard vs Warlegend in albion online gold market. Eventually Warlegend guys decided they cannot hold vs Nilf(regardless of player quality one thing is indisputable – Nilfgaard is bigger guild) on their own and found some allies. Rest is history.