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Some Unknow Skills of Blade Master

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Tags: Blade & Soul
City: Bojnice, Slovakia
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I hit lvl 30 blade master yesterday and ive been experimenting with all the skill variations. i have a hang of most of them but theres a few things that still confuse me.
the third variation of block has an effect called “readies perseverance” but i dont see that skill anywhere in the tree. what is it? i think there is another skill it readies but i cant remember it right now

cyclone has a few triggers with “multistrike” and “pentaslash” i think multistrike was a variation of rush, but what is pentaslash?

the lvl 40 skill is a right click airborne skill just like crash. how does this work? how can i choose between crash and it?

the lvl 45 skill awakened flicker makes no sense. it says its only useable during soulburn but what is soulburn?

i forgot what skill it is, but one of them says it gives “heaven slash” maximum boost. what is heaven slash?

one of the varitions of raid gives “increases skill effeect by 2 seconds”. what does that mean?

another random question is what is the use of flock of BNS Gold? at first i thought it was a stance, but once i got it it just seems like a 1min cooldown that only does damage. is there anything deeper to it? how are you suppose to use it? just like vvcxz and then done?

The conditions for cyclone (pentaslash and multistrike) need to be spec’d for. Pentaslash is your 3 key in draw stance and you spec for the rightmost tree which gives you iframe and huge burst

Flock of blades is just a burst skill that you can use, it also gives you a projectile block on x and more cc on c if you spec for it, I’m not sure if it gives you any stat bonuses since I’ve never looked