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3 replies
Spain or the Balkans?
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Hi all, I am currently spending the summer in Germany but I will be going back home the beginning of September. I have a week at the end of August to go visit one of these places, so I’d like to hear your advice or opinions.

Because of the way flights/my budget works out, my two main options are:
1. Round trip to Barcelona (4 nights)
2. Flying into Sarajevo and out from Dubrovnik: 2-3 nights Sarajevo, 1-2 nights Mostar, 1 night Dubrovnik

A little bit of context: Last time I went on a Eurotrip I really wanted to go to Sarajevo and Croatia but never found the time. Basically I’m just really curious about the culture and the people of BiH, and have also heard that Dubrovnik is gorgeous. I figured since I’m in Europe again I might as well try, but I’m not sure if 5 nights is enough for these cities.

However, I’m interested in art and have always wanted to go to Spain anyway, so maybe four nights in Barcelona would be more manageable. Also: I will be there the week La Tomatina goes on, but that is closer to Madrid – I’m not sure if I will be able to get reasonably priced flights to/from there without wasting too much travel time.

The one qualm I have is that if I ever want to go back to Spain from home in North America, then that’s relatively easy. If I want to go back to the Balkans it’s a bit more of a pain.

What do you think?

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My first thought was “go for it” Take this chance to see the Balkans. As you say, it’s relatively easy to get to Spain from North America or from anywhere in Western Europe, so possibly easier to do on your “next trip.”. Also, from a tourist standpoint, Eastern Europe is rapidly changing — culturally, tourist infra-structure, costs, so there’s some reason to “hurry” before it’s totally westernized. Down side is you ‘ll really only get a quick taste of part of the Balkans on this trip, and you’ll be doing an awful lot of (perhaps too much?) rushing around.

How’s the rest of the trip? If you’ve had a relatively relaxing summer, I’d go for the last fling to the Balkans. If you’ve been rushing around all summer then maybe a single stop is a more comfortable option,

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My thoughts exactly Oldlady. The Balkans ıs fantastic… but so ıs Spaın. If you dont thınk you wıll get a chance to get back to the Balkans but Spaın wıll be on your radar – go to the Balkans. My only concern ıs your tımıng. The transportatıon between these cıtıes wıll take a bıt of tıme and you wıll be rushed. Tough decısıon, but I thınk ıf you can’t see yourself makıng ıt back to the balkans ın the future you mıght have to just do ıt.

(Apologies for my typıng. In Turkey rıght now and thıs keyboard has been trıçky )

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Definitely Balkans over Spain. Sorry Spain, you’re beautiful, but the Balkans are magic

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