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Sports Bars in San Sebastian
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Hello Guys and Gals,

I expect to be in San Sebastian in Spain on the 7th of July. This is the date of the 3rd State of Origin.

What is state of Origin? (Time for a lesson in aussie culture)
It is rugby league where two of Australias main rugby league states play a series of three games over a 6week period. New South Wales (The Blues) V’s Queensland (The Maroons). It is 3 of the hardest games they will ever play – the cream of the crop. Bigger than the US superbowl (as far as aussies are concerned).

So where in San Sebastian am I going to be able to see this game? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Are there any aussie pubs in San Sebastian?

If there are any aussies going to be there at the same time – drop as a line. If you are not aussie and want to see a couple of aussies "GO OFF" while they teach you about the game.. Drop us a line also..

Our Website for the trip and itinerary
More info on the big game