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Storing photographs
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After some advice on how to safely save photographs while backpacking. Over 4 months plan to be taking a good few thousand!

A bit hesitant to save photos on a series of memory cards / CDs / USBs and risk losing them whilst travelling.

When uploading to websites (facebook etc.) I’m concerned that they scale the photos down and then would not be able to retreive the full quality photograph by “Right click – Save As“ing my uploaded photos.

What would you recommend as the best way to store photos? Have people used Flickr or Photobucket? Web or save to storage devices?

Thanks heaps Smile

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I used to recommend having your memory cards copied to a CD at an internet cafe or photo shop. Now that memory cards are so cheap, I’d say buy a couple of memory cards. You can buy a 2 gig card for for less than $15 US. It will hold 250 (if you’re aiming for a pulitzer prize) to 600 professional quality images and 1500 to 2000 images at the resolution used by most amateurs.

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If you have a gmail account you can upload them to there from an internet cafe and it doesn’t change the quality of the photo.

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I used to save them to Flickr without any problem, but I think they have limits on the amount of photos you can store. Now I just upload them to my MP3 player (which has lots of memory) or to an Ipod (if you still use one of those old things). I like showing my photos to fellow travelers and have them show me theirs…nice way to break the ice on a long train trip

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I’d probably go the ipod route like finnegan suggests, if I didn’t travel with my laptop most of the time. Alternatively Flickr and a few other sites can be okay for just a few photos stored at high res, but after you’ve used up your free space, you can expect to pay. Typically more than you’d pay for having a memory card or similar!