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Study abroad?
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I really want to study abroad in Europe (preferably Germany) either in the fall of 2011 or spring of 2012 and am wondering where to look for scholarships/programs? Where to start…

When I was in high school, I got my GED and jumped into college early. I wasn’t responsible and screwed up my GPA, which I am in the process of fixing now. I’m hoping to have at least a 2.8 or so by the end of the spring 2011 semester. I’d imagine this is something that scholarship programs take into consideration?

There seem to be tons of different programs for study abroad. Does anyone know what the most reputable are?

I’ve talked to the international department at my school, and they don’t offer or have any information on study abroad opportunities in Europe, only Asia. So that didn’t help.

I’m in my second year of college right now and am one of those “liberal arts” kids. At the moment I go to a community college. Next semester I’m transferring to a university though.

Ummm…I don’t really know what information applies to what I want to do, so sorry if any of this useless information. If anyone can set me on the right track, I’d really appreciate it!

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In English, I assume? If so, you need to search the (US?) universities to which you are considering transfer after community college. Look for their study abroad programs in Europe, specifically Germany, and then the course listings offered there that apply to the degree you are seeking. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money for 1 semester, in my opinion (having known many Americans in study abroad in Europe).

I’ve never heard of community colleges offering significant study abroad programs, and to be blunt, I think you’ll have a hard time on scholarships with a 2.8.

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Agree with Don. I would work on upping your GPA before considering it. There are also some good work abroad programs. I think BUNAC still has a few, but did discontinue their program in the UK.

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You can find programs or offer study in Europe, just keep looking.

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Hello, maybe this topic is old but I thought I’d share some advice with the readers of this forum who are interested in studying abroad in Germany, since I’ve finished my Master’s Degree in Germany and I have some experience as an international student there.

Germany is really a great country to live and study in. The people are quite friendly and will help you a lot once they see that you’re a foreigner. Keep in mind that not all Germans speak English so it’s always good to start early and learn the language as it will definitely help you a lot once you go there.

To anyone who’s wondering here are some reasons why it’s really great to study there:

study in germany