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What’s up everybody? Brand new to the forum.  Did some looking around and got tons of good info.  I got some questions hopefully you’s can help me out a bit.
So me and my buddy are planning a trip for the begining of Oct. possibly late Sept.  Our travels plans are very flexible as far as days staying in places and places to stay.  The trip is going to be 3-4 weeks long.  The places we plan to hit up are as follows.
Flying in to Ramstien then in no particular order we would like to go to the following places…Munich-Prague-Gdynia,Poland(visiting family) and Amsterdam.
If we get into Munich for the last couple days of  Oktoberfest is it possible to find places to stay when we arrive there or does everythin usually get booked up?
Also we plan on taking a train everywhere in between.  And also leaving out of Ramstien when its over.  I think we should have enough time to spend a couple of days at each place.  Not to sure how long trains rides take. We are not on too much of a budget but would like the cheapest ways possible. 
Any suggestions on where to go first/last and what to do while we are there would be great.  Were not into the tourist stuff like museums, mostly looking for nightlife and drinking alot of beers.  Also we can make a stop or two in some other parts of Poland.  My buddy is fluent in&nbspolish and has visited there before but we are both virgins to everywhere else.  How much average money should it cost for a 4 week trip?
Thanks for any help.