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Suggestions Needed for a January Eurotrip to Western Europe
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Hi Guys,
I discovered this site a few weeks ago while trying to plan my upcoming eurotrip and I have found your discussions very helpful. I was hoping to get some more direct advice on my situation and I am open to any suggestions. I am a 21 year old college student and I am looking for a fun party experience and an oppurtunity to meet people of all different cultures. I would like to see some sights and maybe a museum or two, but my main interests are having spontaneous experiences with some new people. Anyways, here is my iternary so far, let me know of any ideas you have:
Jan 23rd-25th: Berlin
Jan 26th-30th: Amsterdam
Jan 31st-Feb6th: Paris
Feb 7th-Feb 11th: Italy
Leaving from Milan on the 11th.

As you can see my time is kind of filled up, but any suggestions on day trips, local establishments i should visit, or smaller cities I should see on the way would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your help.

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While Italy is my favorite part of this trip, but it’s not worth the time to go to Italy from Northern Europe just to spend 3 days there — your flight probably leaves in the morning, so the 11th is totally shot. Option 1, stay in Northern Europe and add Bruges. I’d cut time from Paris and perhaps Amsterdam and add 1 day to Berlin. You could probably squeeze in another city, or some nice day trips from Paris. If you have to take the flight out of Milan, take an overnight train to Milan on the 9th, spend the 10th in Milan and then catch your flight home.

Option 2. (my recommendation) Cut 3 days from Paris and 1 from Amsterdam. Add the days to Italy: Florence and Rome. Milan is worth a day, but I’d rather spend an extra day in Florence or Rome or on a whirlwind “day in Venice.” Take an early train from Florence to Venice on the 10th. Spend a 7-8 hour day in Venice and catch the 18:45 EurostarItalia (there are a couple of later trains if you happen to miss that one) to Milan. You’ll arrive in Milan at 20:25 — just enough time to get to your hotel or hostel for a beer and a comfortable night’s sleep before your flight home. You could also do this whirlwind Day in Venice with option 1. Take the overnight train from Paris to Venice.