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Summer fare advice needed: Washington - Munich/Ljubljana
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I’m looking at some of these posts and finding some great advice, so I was hoping some of the resident experts could provide me some advice regarding reasonable fares and booking times for roundtrip tickets from Washington (IAD/DCA) to Munich (MUC) or Ljubljana, Slovenia (LJU).

Date range: June 15 – August 1, for a stay of ca. 15 days

Currently, I’m seeing $1425 for roundtrip IADLJU (07/02 – 07/18). Is this a bit too high? When can I expect to see prices coming down?

Alternatively, I was looking at flights to Munich/Frankfurt/Paris, and then maybe catching Adria Airways to Ljubljana from there (roundtrips cost ca. 220-270 EUR on their website).

When would you book, and how much would you pay (as mentioned, available date range is June 15 – August 1).

Any help would be much appreciated.


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A sale could pop up pretty much anytime from now, but I would want to book a mid-June outbound no later than end of April. (If you wait longer, seat availability becomes the issue for peak season). I’d sign up for fare alerts on these routes with Bing and Farecompare—if haven’t already.

Off the top of my head, I’d say WAS-MUC peak season $875-$1275. However, Farecompare does (did) used to show fare history on routes so you can see what has actually been offered over the months for the previous year. Unfortunately, last summer was an anomaly and summer airfares probably won’t be that cheap again.

Have you tried the links and tips in our new user thread—top of this forum?