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Summer Flight JFK to AMS & FCO to JFK
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Me and my husband are planning on goning to Europe this summer for the 1st time for about 17 days in the summer July 22nd till Aug 6th. to be exact. We plan on buying a one way leaving on July 22nd from JFK to Amsterdam and another one way on Aug 6th from Rome to JFK, but its coming up to about $2300 for the both of us. thats alot of money for just flights. Should I wait ??? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated ive been watching flights since December .

I am leaving from jfk and traveling for 15 days
Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Venice, Rome
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Searching for two one way tickets almost guarantees you’ll end up paying an outrageous price for your tickets. What you want is called an open-jaw or multi-city fare. Most search engines have a multi-city search; use it and you’ll find one ticket that will allow you to fly into Amsterdam and out of Rome. I did a quick search on Kayak and found fares as low as $1044 for your trip, but it’s an itinerary with horribly long layovers. Fares in the $1100’s and $1200’s have more reasonable layovers, and there’s one itinerary that has you going non-stop both ways on Delta for $1279. That’s not a great price, but it’s not abnormal for peak summer either. You may be able to get to find a lower price during a sale in the next couple of months, but sales are unpredictable and it’s even tougher to count on a sale that will match your choice of cities for a multi-city itinerary.

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I’m not seeing much better for multi-city than $2300 currently ($1178 with a good routing from, for example), and I checked my usual sources.