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Switzerland pass
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I’m going with a class trip to Switzerland in May and they require that i purchase a Swisspass for the 8 days that we are there. This is for the convenience of being allowed to use any transportation network in Switzerland so we can just hop on and hop off whenever. However, I will be travelling around Europe for approx. 2 months and was considering buying a global pass, so I was wondering how (or if it was possible) i could buy the travel pass that’s exclusively for Switzerland’s inner train and transportation networks, and not have to buy the Swiss rail pass.


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I don’t understand the question, but here’s some basics…. Your global pass is valid in Switzerland and it will cover a lot of the trains in Switzerland, but it is not honored on some of the private railways. The Swiss pass covers virtually all transportation, including buses in Switzerland. Many of the scenic train rides include at least some segments that aren’t covered by the global pass. That will be a problem with your class trip — they’re requiring the pass so they don’t have to wait for you to buy a ticket for part of today’s route. The specific lake steamer or mountain cog railway your group is taking may be free with a Swiss pass, but only discounted (or not covered at all) with your global pass — again, a problem for you as you have to buy a ticket and a problem for everybody else because they have to get there early enough that you can buy a ticket.

There are some options like a “Swiss card” which gives you 1/2 off the price of any ticket in Switzerland. That might help with the extra cost of not having a Swiss Pass, but it does not deal with the problem of everybody but you having their “ticket” in advance.

The cost for the Swiss pass is $258. You could easily spend that much on the on the differences between what’s covered on the Swiss pass and the global pass. Further, the 2 month consecutive day pass probably isn’t going to be the best deal financially for your trip. The 15 day flexipass plus the Swiss Pass should cover your 2 month trip and the total cost is less than the 2 month consecutive day pass.