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Sziget Festival in Budapest 11-16 Aug: Hostel or Camping?
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Hello people,
this is my first euro trip and I’d like no know more about this festival, wich got me very excited not only beacause the music but also the atmosphere.
Is it worthy (and secure) to go to Budapest and pass the 6 six days at the festival, camping there? or it’s better to stay in a hostel, outside the festival?
The camping days cost 5 euro/day and the hostels are far more expensive…
Thx in advance!

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Sziget is a super festival, however it is better to stay in the city than out at the Festival.
We had friends, who visited before and they were camping on the island itself, and as they have been robbed (someone entered their tent, while they weren’t there), we decided to stay downtown, so rented a private room here. I recommend this place to stay, as the family, who runs the company did a great job to make our stay very nice…