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So we, my friend and i, are going for a month through Europe. We have slimmed it down a lot…she really wants to go into morocco…mainly shes thinking tangier since its right there. We are 24, both speak fluent spanish, a bit of Portuguese and she speaks fluent french. I am a little worried after reading about tangier…we will be traveling just us two. Is it worth it? How long is the ferry ride? Is there another option with in a similar time frame of 1-2 days. Or should we skip it. We are trying to pin down our must see cities. Any thoughts will help. Thanks!

I am leaving from New york however our time in london is going to be almost free with $2000 for 30 days
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Spanish or French will get you by in Tangier.

But if I were going to Morocco, I wouldn’t stop in Tangier. I would continue by Train to Rabat, the Capital. IMHO, there’s much more to see in Rabat: Shopping, nice Hotels and a U.S. Embassy.

It’s only a few hours from Tangier by Train (the Marrakech Express?). Sorry, I can’t tell you how long the ferry takes because I have never crossed the Straits on a high-speed Hydrofoil ferry.

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I agree about Tangier — it’s pretty much a tourist trap living off tours of day trippers from Spain. Go elsewhere in Morocco — you should have no trouble navigating in English, but your French and Spanish may be helpful in some situations.