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The teams priority of Blade & Soul

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Please come back and share your opinion on release and if you will have the same issues as now i will give you credits. Till then, everyone can talk like they are an expert on the field and know the exact insight of the teams work and priorities. The issues you guys talk here (forum generally) are a small fraction that needs to be fixed, there are way more in the background that players have no clue about because are no visible in game directly, because what players test out is what they need to test just a part of the issues.

You are in no measure to criticize teams priority since you have no clue of priority schedule in lack of insight knowledge on what issues needs to be fix in order the fix the last which without, cannot be fixed with BNS Gold. Everyone is suddenly an expert around here and think that what they say is “how it is”, not “how i assume”. Not everything you read on WIKIPEDIA is 100% legit or 100% complete, honey.

Yes, they are testing Network and server stability now. That’s why we test several times, to check to solution and search another if did not work .

(it’s funny that NCsoft manager answer to some questions and makes topics in B&S Dojo but not official forum erpface: )

Talk to you on release. Till then you can continue with bashing with your only 3-4 sentences you know about this whole process.

I have been in several closed betas, many of them for NCSoft, including – City of Villains, Going Rogue, Aion, Tabula Rasa, and Wildstar, to name a few. Posting issues on the forums is all well and good, but when several posts including those from a previous closed beta test are saying the same thing and there is not one dev response, a support ticket might not be a bad thing. It is a performance problem and the first pinned thread in the Closed Beta 2 Known Issues topic is “How to submit a ticket for performance issues”. I have searched the forums and the faqs for Blade And Soul Power leveling. The only thing I found, in the faq, was to unplug my cable from my router and go directly into my modem… can’t do that as I will lose my TV and Phone.. that is not an option.

Whether it has been active in other countries for 1 year, 3, years, or 12 doesn’t matter if the new infrastructure for this country is not working. If they didn’t want to know about performance problems, they wouldn’t have told you how to report them.