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Things to do in northern/central Italy
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Hey guys,
I’m planning a backpacking trip to Europe with a friend in September.
We already have tickets and all, but somehow during planning we found out that we have nearly 4 extra days in northern Italy before the flight back home.
We will be arriving in Milan on September 19th, and our flight back is from Rome on the evening of the 23rd.
We’re not sure what to do with our time there – we don’t want to stay in Milan since we already have a couple of days there on an earlier stage of the trip.
Does anyone have an idea what we can do in those days?

Thanks Smile


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I would spend two days in Florence and two days in Rome. I lived in Milan one and a half years, I’ve been to Rome once and twice to Florence. I would skip Milan, or spend only few hours – half a day there to see the Dome and Cimitero Monumentale. So, depending on your flight’s schedule on the 19th, visit Milan on 19th, then take a night train to Florence (take care of thiefs, though), spend 20 and 21 in Florence and from here go to Rome. Spend all 22 and 23 in Rome. When we’ve been to Rome we had two days to visit it, but we found Rome to be so unbelievably amazing that we only slept like 4 hours during the two days.

That’s just my personal opinion, but if I’d definitely want to see Florence (and genaraly Tuscany) and Rome again.

All best,